Doubleflag This film is in English, but it is also available in French.
Ce film est en anglais, mais il est également disponible en version française.

Diary of a Dumont d'Urville winterer (28 mn)

Twenty six people lived together for a year in Dumont D’Urville in Terre Adelie. A full year cycle, from summer to winter, in the cold antarctic continent, lived with overwinterers of the 55th French polar mission, with complete autonomy. All these they endured to ensure scientific programs and sustainability of the permanent base, in a sumptous environment.
Dubbed and subtitled in French, English, Spanish, Italian Bonus : "Aptenodytes Forsteri, the Emperor Penguin" Photos and text about the Dumont d'Urville base.

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Purim, the tunnels of memory
A documentary observation of the sidelines of a very unconventional play and its creative work about memory.

Purim, the tunnels of memory

Austria, Linz 2009 - European Capital of Culture. A Purimspil, the ancestor of the Jewish Theater, is written by Yeshua Sobol and directed by David Maayan, two great Israeli's artists, and played in tunnels dug by the prisoners of the Mauthausen concentration camp. A documentary observation of the sidelines of a very unconventional play and its creative work about memory.

Our Atlantis (Notre atlantide)
Our Atlantis is a journey between past and present, in the search of a lost place.

Our Atlantis (Notre atlantide)

This is the story of a piece of land on the peninsula Tuzla (Istanbul) where, in the 60s, between sky and water, Anatolian Armenians have built with their hands their « home » of studies and vacation, their family home: the Camp Armen.

My soul thirsts for you
Christian Spirituality, very often misunderstood, offers very relevant paths in response to the thirst of man in quest of the absolute.

My soul thirsts for you

This documentary (drama) allows us to discover silent prayer as it is practiced throughout the world by Carmelite friars and nuns, but also by lay people. A legitimate spiritual path, silent or interior prayer was first initiated by St. Teresa of Avila.

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